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The C.S.I  project’s consortium includes a diverse quality mix of:

3 Prestigious European sport related Universities with high level sport academics
3 Sport coaching national European Institutes, with researchers and senior executives
1 Global sport council of excellence in coaching, in  sports sciences and P.E
1 National sport integrity & transparency platform / Multisport organization

The background of C.S.I. consortium, is related with all the aspects and dimensions of modern sport, professional and amateur, competitive and recreational athletism, with a wide experience in the study and awareness of the emerging issues of contemporary sports such as doping, match fixing, sport governance, sportsmanship and sport ethics.

Our academic partners possess tacit knowledge and cutting edge expertise and research abilities that helps many aspects of our C.S.I. methodology and contribute to the study of the sport and physical education academic programs, planning, design, organization, and implementation of new modules curriculum and courses at an academic level.
Furthermore, the non-academic partners, sport integrity institutions and sport coaching organizations involved, are all experts in sport ethics issues and contribute with important input with respect to sport integrity and sport transparency policies procedures and practice.